Handpainted and Dyed Photography/Theatre/Event Backdrops and Backgrounds on Muslin and canvas

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aavant is the best in it's field. the field is the whole gamut of backdrops, backgrounds for studios, theatre, stage, photography, event on muslin, canvas and other fabric and other studio accessories

we are the best because we develop designs continuously almost everyday. we always remain in the forefront by our creation. by the time our buyer sells our new designs in the market, we have moved ahead much further creating newer and newer designs. we do every process and technique of dyeing and painting under the sun. and on variety of fabric from muslin to canvas, from sheer to flocking and from 48" to 144" width. we use crush dye, tie dye, brush dye, batik, wash, plain dye, mill dye, hand brush paint, airbrush paint and a many many more processes and techniques. we also replicate our buyer's existing designs from their range while adding up with our new designs we go on sending them continuously but every buyer gets an unique range. we also supply our buyers with a comprehensive range of studio accessories.

don't you think you need us as we need you to realise our mutual dream of becoming the best amongst the bests

www.aavantindia.com -AAVANT is undoubtedly the best, biggest and cheapest backdrop manufacturing company in the world. We have the biggest infrastructure for manufacturing affordable backdrops for all events. We do not make compromise with our product standards in terms of price, quality, turnaround time, infrastructure and man power. Almost all the big players in this field are our buyers and that too for a long time with continuous orders growing in volume and frequency day by day.

All kinds of Backdrops and Backgrounds in the World
For Specific kinds of backdrops visit the sites below;

Handpainted Giant backdrops for theatre/event/theme parties

For Handpainted Scenic backdrops from 6'x7' to 12'x24'






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www.aavantindia.com- We are one of the best manufacturers of muslin backdrop flexdrop reflector backdrop stand. Now you can purchase muslin backdrop and handpainted old masters abstracts scenics at our online store.
www.aavantindia.com covers USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and Europe. You can buy chromakey green blue grey and muslin backdrop from our website